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Saying Im a troll is actually p offensive considering trollkin DO exist

People always try to misgender otherkins to try and trigger them but it’s best to ignore all the ableist and kinphobes.

God I wish we had a nuclear war in the 80s so I didn’t have to see this

These are the top 10 emojis




Why some women use Grindr to play games with gay men




Can you imagine what would happen if it turned out a bunch of straight men were catfishing nudes from lesbians?  I mean seriously, how entitled are these women to think that gay men are just put on the earth for the amusement and pleasure of straight women, and how deluded do you have to be to be “jealous of the sexual freedom” of a minority group that cannot legally get married in most parts of the world (at the very least) and generally can’t even hold hands in public without fear of getting their faces smashed in?  Why do these women think its acceptable to pretend to be a gay man to go on an app for gay men to spy on them and catfish nudes? 

More insanity in the comments:

No, actually this is a thing I am a straight woman and I used to enjoy going on Grindr, and I think Oscar does a pretty good job at explaining why. I stopped doing it because other people didn’t think it was a good thing to do, not because I didn’t enjoy it. I’m glad to hear that it’s finally out that there are ladies that do this, especially because I know a few and it isn’t so weird or terrible in reality, there are a lot worse things people could hide behind in the internet and you really do have to do things carefully and at your own risk. I didn’t think I was hurting anyone, and if a gay guy got emotional or serious about things, I always stopped talking to them. It’s just harmless fun.”

Can you imagine what would happen if this was a straight guy saying “yeah I pretend to be a lesbian on the internet to get nudes off lesbians and chat dirty with them.  I’m not hurting anyone, I’m not invading a space that I have no right to be in, I’m glad people are speaking out so you realise we are not being weird or perverted, it’s just harmless fun.  Tee hee!”

Feminists want to talk about gay entitlement to female bodies?  Well, how about you stop pretending it’s a one way street and talk about shit like this for a change?  

"In the end, Felicia left her Grindr facade for the tamer realm of the real world where everyone has to act out their God-given bodies, and it’s frowned upon for a woman to voice her desires, unable to exit her skin and meet the gay man of her dreams."
Wtf is this article even talking about. It makes no logical arguments and implies that the grindr community should accept that.
I mean look at the quote, this is not someone trying to understand their gender/sexual orientation. It’s straight up, guilt tripping, entitlement.

"the gay man of her dreams" 

if this isn’t fetishisation and objectification I don’t know what isn’t 


why is this real image